Diabetic Awareness training update August 2017

Please find attached below  a flyer for open workshops being run (Diabetes Update for Registered Nurses).


Also, a general flyer detailing various workshops available from DUET diabetes.  All the workshops listed can be run at the care provider’s place of work (in house) as well as open workshops for Diabetes Awareness Training at two venues (Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds) and for Diabetes Update for Registered Nurses at a venue in Bury St Edmunds.


The third flyer attached details scheduled dates for Diabetes Awareness Training open workshops.


DDflyerV2 (3)

OWDAT flyer forthcoming dates v4

OWDURN flyer forthcoming dates

 For more information go to: www.duetdiabetes.co.uk.  or contact:

Lynne Reedman, Service Lead

DUET diabetes Ltd

01799 584178 / 07443 659985










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