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Hft’s Sector Pulse Check (Adults with Learning Disabilities Charity) Third Annual Sector Pulse Check


Please see below a request for help from Hft to Suffolk providers in completing a sector specific survey – full details below in the copy email received from Billy Davis.  Please follow the link and directions in Billy’s email if you wish to undertake the survey.


From: Billy Davis <>
Subject: Suffolk Association of Independent Care Providers – Hft’s Sector Pulse Check – Sharing with SAICP’s members?


I am contacting you from Hft, a charity that supports adults with learning disabilities. You can find more information about us by visiting our website:


We are currently producing our third annual Sector Pulse Check, which aims to provide an annual snapshot of the financial health of the social care and how the sector has reacted to the events of the previous year. As before, we are commissioning independent economic research organisation the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) to conduct the survey and analysis for us.


Last year, we received a record-breaking number of respondents and the results were picked up by over 38 outlets (including 16 nationals) – meaning that a combined readership of around 66,335,376 people got to read about our study.


We are keen to make the survey as representative as possible and want to ensure independents have an opportunity to respond as well the larger organisations in the sector.


I was looking to get in touch to talk to you a little bit more about our survey and see if SAICP would be able to help us with, in terms of letting your members know about the survey and how to respond.


As with every other year, we are anonymising the results of the survey, in order to give you the confidence to speak freely about the issues raised in the survey.


Our survey takes approximately 8 minutes to fill out, and can be accessed here:


Deadline for responses is Friday 13th December 2019 and we hope to have the results ready for publication in January 2020.


To be clear: We are not asking for access to your membership list, rather we are asking if you would be able to should share our survey with your members through your communications channels, and we are offering our support helping you to do so.


We would also be more than happy to acknowledge SAICP’s support in distributing the survey to its members in our write-up of the final report.


I do hope this is something that you will be able to help us with. I am more than happy to go through our survey in further details and help draft any additional information you may need to send to members.


Many thanks in advance for your support. I look forward to discussing this with you further.

Billy Davis
Public Affairs and Policy Manager

For ALL providers………


Why more people are talking about the issue of social care…


One of the Association’s Steering Group has sent in a link to a very interesting BBC Article – some of you may have seen this but if not, it is definitely worth a few minutes reading time.

Click on or copy the link to download the article.