Inappropriate Hospital Discharges


We are still receiving the forms and sending them into the CCG.  We have also now met with the head of clinical quality at the CCG and they are finding the information very useful. There have not been so many forms in the last few months so I hope that means that things have improved.  Please keep sending them to us as well as the hospitals so we can collate the information and see if there are any trends.e.g. particular wards who are repeatedly not discharging their patients correctly, or if there is a main reason for the discharge to be a problem for providers. The Harm Free Care Group, a collaborative forum which is looking at pressure ulcers and falls for the reason for admittance to hospital has been working with providers and has successfully reduced the pressure ulcers by 46% over the last two years.  The goal is zero by working with ACS focusing on education and training.  Providers will be asked to carry out a root cause analysis for grade 3 and 4 pressure ulcers to work through what caused the pressure ulcer. The CCG would like to set up a sub group to work together focusing on prevention driven by education and training.  This we will be involved with.


This can be used to record details of your client on the first page and on the second page to record all the details of why you feel the discharge was handled inappropriately.  Please send this to the hospital who was responsible.  Please, please, please then send a copy of the front sheet only (to ensure confidentiality for your client) to the Suffolk Association of Independent Care Providers.   The details of the incident will be recorded and then taken forward to the Patient Safety Board.

Forms should be completed and e-mailed to both and in respect of Ipswich hospital issues:

For …. “Immediate Concerns” Contact Head Matron via 01473-712233– request Bleep 627

Prior to Suffolk County Council closing their own homes this was a process they regularly followed and the Association feel it is so relevant to all parties involved in the care of elderly, frail and vulnerable – whether returning to a residential/nursing setting or to their own homes that such incidents are now allowed to go unaccounted for.

You can post a copy of the completed page one to 2, Arden Close, Overstrand, Norfolk NR27 OPH or alternatively scan a copy and email it to

Thank you so much for your co-operation.