ACS – Fee Negotiations for 2019/20

ACS rates for 2019/20 (updated December 201)


The Association has held an initial meeting with ACS regarding fees for the coming year.

ACS summarised their initial cost pressure/challenges and thoughts for the coming year as follows:



  • Significant overspend this year, due to increased demand for unbudgeted services
  • Further demand pressures for services as the number of elderly people within the community continues to grow.
  • Greater complexity and expense in care costs for LD clients
  • Being tasked with making further savings. 


Offset the above, against reducing levels of income from central Government, and the fragility of care service provision within the County, with many smaller providers  already working on narrow margins.


A very gloomy and despondent meeting as you will be able to gauge.


As usual we have been asked to present our case as to the level of inflationary increase which the PVI sector deem would be necessary to continue accepting LA funded clients. 

On the other side of the coin, at this initial meeting the following cost pressures and factors were put forward by the Association to support the necessity for ACS to ensure a fair and reasonable price was paid to providers for LA funded clients in the coming year. 



  • A 4.9% increase in the national minimum wage
  • Increased fees for registration/annual inspection by CQC
  • Increased pension contributions
  • Potential post Brexit fall out – loss of staff and associated increased costs
  • Utility and fuel costs were increasing
  • Fragility which already exists across the sector as evidenced by the Allied Healthcare scenario in the domiciliary market and overall concern regarding the future stability of the care market in the county
  • Delayed assessment and reassessment by social workers – early intervention and support could avoid more costly care requirements in the longer term.


We are now asking for your input please.



  • What other factors would you like to see tabled by the Association? 
  • What minimum % increase to your rates/fees do you feel you would need to continue to accept LA funded clients?
  • Will you continue to accept LA funded clients if the % increase is less than you feel is necessary?
  • Any other comments you care to make…….


Please do send your response to



ACS FEES 2018/19

SAICP has received the uplift documents from ACS which you will all be receiving from contracts at Suffolk County Council for the funding for the financial year 2018/19, which we are now sending on to you all (copy attached below).

Once more, we have been in discussions with ACS over the financial situation and appreciate that the figures do not reflect our required fees.

We rejected their first offer and asked for an extra million which they have given us, albeit from the extra money announced by central government last week.  We seem to limping from crisis to crisis with the government stumping up extra cash at the last minute which does not help anyone.

Also attached are the new contracts which ACS says have been reduced.   SAICP has had no input to the contract changes.  The letter states that you will be visited by your contracts managers so if there are any issues then please take it up with them, but if you could copy in Moira ( to any changes you would like to see, it will give us an insight to how the new contracts have been received.

These are still difficult times.  We appreciate that all our members are independent businesses who have to make commercial decisions and we have endeavoured to achieve the best deal possible.

Hilary Gibbs


07787 520104

 (to download the following documents click on the link highlighted)

Offer Letter from ACS and rates
2018-02-14 Care pricing letter[14555] GB


1. Care Homes
APPENDIX-ADASS (2018 v1.5) SCC ACS DRAFT 2018 CARE HOME Contract V0.1[14556]

2 . Day Service
APPENDIX-ADASS (2018 v1.5) SCC ACS DRAFT 2018 DAY SERVICE Contract V0.1[14558]

3. Dom Care

APPENDIX-ADASS (2018 v1.5) SCC ACS DRAFT 2018 DOMCARE Contract V0.1 




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