ACS – Fee Negotiations for 2019/20

ACS rates for 2019/20  (see below)


The 2019/20  rates will be implemented as per the following email the Association has received from ACS:

The rates will be implemented for the next pay-run for residential/nursing services and automated payments.

As the last pay run for residential/nursing included advance payment until 14th April, i.e. first week of the new rates, an adjustment will be included to correct for this underpayment.

Invoices submitted for period 1 (8th April-5th May), should reflect the relevant uplift outlined in Gavin’s letter.

We’ll be sharing more information, full pay periods, high cost uplift process etc, soon. If anyone has any questions or issues in the meantime, please feel free to direct them to our Contracts Helpdesk (CC’d) and/or myself.

Kind regards, 

Jonathan Miller-Williams

Contracts & Service Development Manager

Strategic Planning & Resources

Adult and Community Services

Suffolk County Council

Endeavour House | 8 Russell Road | Ipswich | IP1 2BX

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ACS FEES FOR 2019/20

Update 22 March 2019 by Prema Dorai, Chair SAICP Limited

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the delay in circulating information on fee negotiations
between the Association and ACS for the coming year.

The Association has over the last few weeks been meeting with ACS to discuss the rates being proposed for local authority funded clients for 2019/20 and these have been more protracted and complex discussions than in previous years.

The original offer from SCC was considered low by the Steering Group and having tabled and discussed the inflationary pressures the sector is facing (the most notably being the increase in the NLW) we have managed to achieve a considerably improved offer which is now on the table.

One of the reasons for the extended discussions was that SCC initially proposed a two-year deal, but the Association felt given the economic and political uncertainty prevailing this was not something to be rushed through and have not agreed to the suggestion.

However, the Association will now continue to discuss 2020/2021 fees based on the proposed fee structure for this year.  This rather than wait until the autumn to begin new discussions.

Therefore, it is felt that the best way forward at this stage in the negotiation is to accept SCC’s revised offer for 2019/2020 (see below) but to continue to hold discussions with regards to their Year 2 offer for 2020/2021. Whilst the revised offer from the Council continues to not meet the actual costs of providing care in today’s market it is a “meet in the middle” position following their initial offer and the Associations subsequent counter proposal.

It is of course a matter for individual providers to determine whether they accept clients at the offered rates and which ACS will be confirming directly with providers i.e. what they will pay in the coming year.  Formal notices will be issued next week by ACS.

I would also like to add the following:

High-cost packages (see* below)  The decision not to offer an automatic increase to the rates for high cost packages was a concern and ACS have after discussions, agreed clear criteria with time line for reviews of these packages.  More details to follow but our main concern was the time taken to complete a review and there will be a ‘backstop’ that if ACS fails to complete the review in a given time from submission of the request – increases will be automatic and will be backdated to the start of the year.

Domiciliary – a 4.2% increase will be applied from the beginning of the new contract year until move over to the new contract structure in September. Just for clarification – the 5 bands published at time of tendering will be increased by 4.2% when the new contract commences.

Direct payments – we have concern that direct payments do not qualify for an automatic increase and although it will inevitably add to their workload, the only recommendation can be for clients in receipt of direct payments to request a review.
This will inevitably add to the workload within ACS …..which we have pointed out.

Please can I ask that any views providers have on the 1920/21 fee proposal are
shared with myself by the end of March. 

Residential up to £699pw 4.20%
  £700-£999pw 3.70%
  £1,000 & above not automatic*
Nursing up to £699pw 4.20%
  £700-£999pw 3.60%
  £1,000 & above not automatic*
Homecare Spot and STLH 4.20%
  other 4.00%
Supported Housing £15.19ph or below 4.00%
  above £15.19 not automatic*
Daycare   4.20%
Direct Payments   not automatic*
Other Care   4.0%


Finally, if you have any queries on the above please do email me:

The Steering Group will now look to maintain the momentum and it is important that
we all continue to lobby our local councillors and politicians to ensure the need for further funding for the sector retains a high profile within the public arena.