May 2019


Update from Duet Diabetes

INSULIN SAFETY WEEK (20-26 May 2019)

After a very successful inaugural year in 2018, we would encourage organisations to get involved by registering and take part to raise awareness amongst colleagues and patients.  The organisers of this national campaign are also keen to reach out to care providers looking after people who require insulin.   Like hospitals and GP practices, care homes can run events and activities to improve understanding and reduce insulin errors.  Organisations who register will receive various resources (both on-line and printed items) to support their events. #ThinkInsulin


This is an annual UK-wide event set up by the charity Diabetes UK with the week devoted to raising awareness of diabetes and raising money to help fund research into the condition. The theme for this year is yet to be announced.  Lots of activities and events will be taking place across the UK and we would encourage all health and social care providers to get involved. 

On the first day of this national campaign, DUET diabetes is running two workshops in Dereham.


There is availability at all the following workshops.

Diabetes Awareness Training: 4 hours

Friday 10 May 2019, Dereham 9.30am


Blood Glucose Monitoring & Glucometer Training: 3 hours

(including competency assessment)

Friday 10 May 2019, Dereham 2pm-5pm (latest)


Diabetes Update for Registered Nurses: 6 hours

Friday 17 May 2019, Stowmarket 9.30am

Thursday 23 May 2019, Beccles 9.30 [Insulin Safety week] – 1 place remaining


Diabetic Foot Screening (including competency assessment) 3.5 hours

Thursday 2 May 2019, Ipswich 9.30am – 1 place remaining

Friday 7 June 2019, Sheringham 1.30pm – 4 places remaining

Monday 10 June 2019, Dereham 9.30am [Diabetes Awareness week]

Monday 17 June 2019, Hawstead (BSE) 9.30am – 2 places remaining

Thursday 27 June, Ipswich 9.30am

Thursday 24 October 2019, Bury St Edmunds 1.30pm


Diabetes & Healthy Eating: 2 hours

Monday 10 June 2019, Dereham 2.30pm [Diabetes Awareness week]



If you have any queries at all, please contact: 

Lynne Reedman

Service Lead

DUET diabetes Ltd

01799 584178 / 07443 659985




If you have any queries at all, please contact: 

Lynne Reedman

Service Lead