The first newsletter for 2019 will be available mid-January 2019





Dear Providers

I am delighted to be issuing my first newsletter since having been elected as Chair of SAICP Limited at the 2018 AGM.

Hopefully you will each have been able to appreciate and enjoy some of the remarkable summer weather we have had this year but, I am mindful that in our industry there is no such thing as a “slack time”.  Probably there is even more pressure during holiday periods ensuring cover is in place whilst our staff take their well-earned holidays.

Domiciliary  –  new ACS contract/tender

As most dom providers will be aware ACS have now published their outline proposals for the replacement for Support to Live at Home.   We intend to discuss the proposals at our next JSCP meeting on the 27th September.  A tender clarification has been published relating to a Tender or Quotation titled: Framework for Supported Housing LD, ABI, PD. (CD1214 #1)  Those of you who are interested can view this through the Suffolk Sourcing website.

Clarifications are normally issued in response to a question raised by one of the bidders.

Please login to the system to view the details in full.


We received an enquiry from a member who had ‘lost’ a red bag as to how to go about getting a replacement.  The following information was relayed to us by Ben Harvey which other providers who may find themselves in this predicament may find useful to keep to hand.

The Red Bag schemes are operated by each respective hospital (and funded by them currently). Homes need to contact the hospitals that issued the bags to them:

–         Ipswich Hospital – Sharon Austin – Austin, Sharon OR (Secure) – 01473 704126

–         West Suffolk Hospital – Liz Patrick – Patrick Elizabeth – 01284 713000 – Bleep 334

This way, the appropriate contact person can investigate where the bags are going missing and address with the wards, etc. We would ask also that homes let my colleagues know of issues so we can support:

–         Michele Eaton for West Suffolk – Eaton Michele (IESCCG)

–         Lisa Elmy for East Suffolk – Elmy Lisa – (Suffolk NHS)


In June, The Suffolk Brokerage re-branded and changed its name to Care Development East, modernising its look and feel with a new logo and design.

Earlier this year, a separate company called Care Careers East was established, finding care staff for providers and using its expertise to hand-pick individuals looking to find jobs in the care sector.

Both companies are based in Norfolk House, Needham Market and their contact details are:

Care Development East: 01449 720400

Care Careers East: 01449 721904

Contact details for Care Development East’s team are on the website:

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Louise Whitley, Workforce Development Manager for Care Development East for all her help, as she is leaving in September after 10 years and relocating to the south of England with her family. We wish her every happiness and success in the future.

Sleep-in rates….post the MENCAP Court of Appeal Ruling

The Association has received guidance notes following the Court of Appeal’s ruling in respect of the challenge mounted by MENCAP which providers may find helpful.  Especially now, in light of the UNISON challenge to said ruling which is causing many providers concern and further confusion.

The first from Anthony Collins Solicitors, is an e-briefing which providers can log on to through the following link:

We have also been advised if any of our members require further advice specific to their circumstances they are welcome to email

Secondly from Attwells Solicitors whose briefing paper following the Court of Appeal ruling can be accessed via the following link:

HMRC’s Social Care Compliance Scheme Update…Questions Remain Unanswered_21.08.18

Again, we have been asked to advise members to contact Lloyd Clarke at Attwells if they wish to discuss the matter further for a free consultation

The Association is grateful to Attwells and Anthony Collins for making the information available and are happy to publish the content received.  However, the Association would like to highlight any further dealings with either of the above solicitors would be a matter between individual providers and the solicitors including cost of services provided by the solicitors themselves.


CQC fee increases 2018

We have been contacted by several providers who are in receipt of significantly increased charges in respect of CQC fees for the coming year.  Last year CQC did advise providers that they would be undertaking  a consultation period as part of a review as to the structuring and level of fees they proposed to levy from the sector in 2018 to which providers were invited to input.  National bodies such as UKHCA did respond pointing out how further inflating operational costs would have an adverse effect on providers and their ability to continue delivering quality services.  That was last year but the reality of the decisions and fee structures for 18/19 are only now hitting home when significantly higher invoices have been received by providers.

Whilst the Association will be writing to CQC to highlight the negative impact on the domiciliary sector in particular,  we now feel that the most effective course of action will be to ensure that ACS are made fully aware of the additional cost pressures which providers are having to absorb and which will I am sure be a final straw for many.

For information, I have attached the letter of submission made by UKHCA and also a generic communication from Sir David Behan CBE, Chief Executive, Care Quality Commission detailing the decisions which are now being implemented.

UKHCA Response to CQC proposed increase 18.19

COPY of CQC communications regarding fee level and structure 2018

The Association will also be writing to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care… never know as he is a Suffolk MP (Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP.) Maybe this will ensure we get a fair hearing and he listens to the concerns being voiced on his home territory!

2018 Suffolk Care Awards

Judging is now complete, and I have included below a link to a copy of a press release issued by the Care Development East (the Suffolk Brokerage as was) which details who the finalists are – the standard this year was incredible.  Whilst congratulations must go to all the finalists (who have been invited to attend the Gala Award ceremony night when the actual winners will be announced)  commiserations to all those of you who did enter but were not one of the finalists. There is always next year!!

2018 Suffolk Care Awards – Finalists

DIABETIC UPDATE (courtesy of Duet Diabetes)

Hypo Awareness week is taking place from 24-30 September 2018

It’s a vital national drive to raise awareness of hypoglycaemia and improve outcomes.  Organised by Olly Jelley and his team at Orange Juice Communications and sponsored by Sanofi, this is an annual campaign that raises awareness of hypoglycaemia in the UK.  Care providers can register and receive on-line and printed resource packs to assist in running activities/events for their staff, families and residents/service users.

Treating a hypo quickly and effectively can make a massive difference to people with diabetes – through inclusive, fun and informative activities, care providers can potentially improve awareness; perhaps resulting in the avoidance or reduction of hypos happening, or staff recognising and dealing with a hypo more confidently.  Hypo awareness week is always a timely reminder to audit hypo kits!

On 27 September the fifth National Conference of the Older People’s Diabetes Network (OPDN) will tackle the challenge of how to improve the care of older people with diabetes. It will take place take place between 8.30am and 4.30pm at Friends House, London, NW1 2BJ

Nurses, GPs, public health doctors, care home managers and healthcare assistants as well as people with an interest in the care of older people with diabetes are all invited to attend.

The programme will include the following sessions:

  • Practical Demonstration of foot assessment for diabetes disease
  • Hypoglycaemia – how to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions
  • Primary care and the care home resident with diabetes
  • Updated national End of Life Diabetes Care Recommendations
  • Getting a grip on frailty and diabetes

For more information:

Joint Suffolk Care Partnership (JSCP) meeting

The Association is scheduled to meet with ACS under the auspices of the Joint Suffolk Care Partnership in September – if any provider has any concerns or issues which they would like the Steering Group of the  Association to take up with ACS on their behalf –  please email

So there you have it – my first newsletter! I hope you enjoy reading it and the content informative or useful.

If you wish to contact myself or any members of the Steering Group, please do email your request to who will ensure your request reaches the right person within the Association.