Continence products ….. ongoing issues in the order and supply of products was raised by several SAICP members which we have been addressing with ACS and health,
since the beginning of the year !

Primarily issues relate to the inflexible criteria as to when, and, the quantity of orders providers are required to place and delivery dates.
Result – often the need to store large quantities of boxes.
Storing large quantities of boxes in a home can pose a potential fire risk hazard (this applies equally in a dom client’s home).  Also having piles of incontinence product boxes stacked in a residents’ room lacks dignity. Not to mention the waste when the resident or client’s supplies are no longer required but were delivered in bulk in advance as that is the way the order had to be made.
So watch this space – SAICP fully intend to keep this on the front burner until a satisfactory resolve is achieved.